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Nr 1

Our most popular Roll Your Own product for customers who wants to have their smoking moment memorable. Characteristics of the product and soft fibrous make it a perfect easy roll. Available in four different blends according to market’s needs. 

Our Nr. 1 RYO Brand recognized of its dense full flavor taste.  Nr.1 is a brand name is already a guarantee and an obligation of quality and full satisfaction. It’s a English blend of Virginia tobacco color being golden dark orange, which can be seen when opening the packed. The aroma of the long fine cut is evident and radiates pleasure even before a consumer light ups the smoke. The pleasure a consumer will perceive comes through its dense full flavored smoke. Nr. 1 is a premium Roll-Your-Own brand and available in three different sizes, 30gram, 40 gram and 50 gram pouches. Available in different blends according to market needs.By using the perfect balance of diofferent blends makes the taste of Nr.1 so unique. Number one choice for all Roll Your Own smokers. 

-Unique Taste

-Available in different sizes

-Mild complete taste

Blend: Original Virginia, Natural Tobacco, Halfzware, American Blend

Flavor: Unique Nr.1 taste

Type of Tobacco: RYO

Pounch Sizes: 30G, 40G, 50G, 100G & 200G




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