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Our choice for the customers who prefer to have their tobacco without additives. Naturalia is 100% tobacco, totally natural, no chemicals of synthesis added. It is produced without skimping, using only tobaccos of the high price level, without chemical cocktails. The blend used is our own Bright yellow Virginia.  Characteristics of the product and soft fibrous make it a perfect easy roll.
A product to be proud of when showing to your surrounding. The very low nicotine and very high natural sugar contents with the fragrance of its natural etheric oils give a smoke a exceptional light aroma but satisfactory flavor to the consumer. Even non-smoker might find the diffused aroma pleasant.  Naturalia is Italian grown, additive-free, 100% certified organic tobacco. By using a natural preservation process the blend retains its freshness and moisture level. The tobacco stems are removed by hand to provide the best and most purest quality of Italian tobacco for our customers.
Blend: Naturalia Bright Yellow Virginia Blend
Flavor: Full Flavor, White, RYO packs 
Type of Tobacco: RYO, Pipe Tobacco
Packaging: 30gram, 40gram and 50gram pounches


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