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Italian Flair

Stylishly designed and packaged in Hinge Lid packs of 20’s, the King Size 83mm length cigarettes are made from high quality pure Italian tobaccos to offer a smoking experience with real taste and character.

Fashion, Sun, good weather and confortable life style match perfectly with the exquisite taste of all the versions of Italian flair cigarettes. Up to the consumers mood to choose from a full flavor to lighter or very light taste and fulfillment of pleasure. The fashionable packet and logo distinguishes the consumer.

The appearance of Italian Flair’s magnificent cigarettes reflects the sheer quality and refinement that one associates with Italy. Italian Flair is a cigarette with a tobacco taste as purest. Available also in Pipe tobacco packs of 200grams.


Blend: American Blend
Flavor: Full Flavor, Lights, Ultra Lights
Type of Tobacco: Cigarettes, Pipe tobacco 200grams
Cigarette Length: 83 mm
Filter Length: 22 mm
Packaging: Hinge lid packets of 20s


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