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Tobacco Jewels


Our leading Super Slims brand. Elegant 100mm slim cigarettes produced using the highest quality elegant blend, designed by The RYC Brands Ltd.

A jewel is something valuable as the smoke a consumer will enjoy through our Tobacco Jewel cigarettes, its distinguished taste will give you the satisfaction you are craving for. It will relax you and make you dream as the dense smoke will dissolve around you. It will stimulate your mind and thoughts due to the satisfaction given. Consumer can feel proud to distinguish herself showing the packet she posses. Customized paper and tipping paper, silver, with black Tobacco Jewels logo.


Blend: High Quality Elegant Blend

Flavor: Lights, Ultra Lights

Type of Tobacco: Cigarettes

Cigarette Length: 100 mm

Filter Length: 30 mm

Packaging: Ultra Slim packets of 20s



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